Tolkyn Sakbayeva. Tolkyn was born on January 12, 1990 in Almaty as a second child in the family of three kids. Her father (1947-2011) was a scientist in math and physics, Mr. Altay Sakbayev who dedicated all his time and love to develop strong faith and belief in her daughter. Mother is her best care who helped her to develop interest and skill in art, Mrs Aspet Sakbayeva. Tolkyn was 4 years old when she showed strong desire to express on paper personages from her favorite books. That was the reason she first learnt to hold the pencil in her hand and started to draw a line…it took her several months to draw a simple line, because her hands weren’t listening to her. But she did it, she drew a line! Her life began taking a totally different course. While all doctors she visited after the birth were claiming her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy is a verdict – she must be ready not to expect any miracles: “she will not be able to walk, to seat, to talk, to understand the reality, even to hold the pencil or read, etc…” But, it was that line which gave her a new hope and new dreams.

Since then her pencils, brushes, papers, canvases are always with her. As a child, Tolkyn was inspired by beautiful views of Almaty mountains to create her first pictorial works. Drawn by the dream of becoming an artist Tolkyn got enrolled to Almaty Art College named by O. Tansikpaev and has graduated with Cum-Laude Diploma, dedicating her final work and articles to her teacher: Mr.Kenjebai Duisenbaev. As she describes their meeting – maktoob- which means destiny; meant to happen. As Mr. Duisenbaev later says “while I have been teaching Tolkyn, I learnt myself”. In May, 2012 she got admitted to Kazakh National Art Academy by T.Zhurgeniev, Almaty, Kazakhstan where she could join the followers and former students of Mr. Duisenbaev. “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it” is one of the favorite words by Salvador Dali which Tolkyn likes to quote improving and mastering her skills every day. Being an inspirational drive for many other kids with special needs and her peers she was an activist in promoting art as a mean to discover the world, inner power, harmony and freedom. The name TOLKYN means the WAVE in Kazakh language. She has created an activist groups “New Wave” and later “Artwave Kazakhstan” with the mission to make world shine brighter. Her favorite artists are Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso. In summer, 2013 Tolkyn moved to Spain where as artist says she found all the colors of her life and finally her harmony and freedom!

Exhibitions & Events

“Tales of Italy” organized by cultural center of Italy in Kazakhstan. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 1998.
Exhibition “Nazar–View–View”. Astana, Kazakhstan. 2001.
“The way planet Earth will look in the future” organized by the United Nations Development Program in the Republic of Kazakhstan (I place). Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2002
• International Festival “Tulip and Man” (II place). Amsterdam, Holland.2004
• International Festival “World of enchanting colors” (I place). Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 2007
• Group Exhibition of Young Artists “Oner – Tolkyn” Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2011
• Group exhibition “20 years of Kazakhstan’s independence” (II place). Almaty, Kazakhstan 2012
• Group exhibition “Kadam”. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2012
• Group exhibition “Shabyt”. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2012                                                               • Group Exhibition “ Color y Forma” Barcelona,Spain. 2016                                         Conference “institut d’educaccio secundaria en Terrassa Cavall Bernat” – Terrassa, Spain

•Charity event “RusActiva” – Barcelona, Spain – 2016                                                                    • 1 Individual Exhibition “la luz de mi vida” Barcelona , Spain 2014
• 2 Individual Exhibition “Kaleidoscope” Barcelona , Spain – 2015                                             •3“JustMad”Madrid,Spain-2016                                                                                                                                                          4 “House-Studio” Individual Exhibitión, Madrid- Spain 2017                                                      5 “Catch in Colour” Individual Exhibitión, Madrid-Spain 2018


• 2008–2012 – Almaty College of Arts and Crafts named by O. Tansykbaev, faculty: Easel Painting. (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
• 2012 –2015 Kazakh National Academy of Arts by T. Jurgenov, Faculty: Easel Painting. (Almaty, Kazakhstan)